You’ve been thinking about it for a while now…

We should re-carpet the family room.

I wonder, would wood laminate be better in the kitchen, or hardwood?

Is there a super-durable flooring material that also looks good? Ours is a big —and active— dog.

Why not have us come take a look?

We’ll answer questions, bring samples in from our mobile showroom so you can see how they’ll look on site.  We’ll measure, provide an estimate, and be done before you know it.

Late summer is an ideal time for that installation.

  1. While everyone else is busy with vacations, trips to family weddings, weekends at the lake, you can get the jump on things. This Fall when friends and colleagues begin to say “We should probably get that carpeting in, maybe replace those floors before winter,” you can smile to yourself because yours are done!
  2. Summer temperatures and activities come with plenty of options on installation day when you’d rather get everyone out of the house. You don’t have to, of course, but it might be easier on you to not worry about where the kids are while your new floors are going in. A few hours at the park, zoo or pool are great when it’s warm out.
  3. Late summer installations are easier on you than in the winter. No snow and salt tracking in, no frigid drafts every time the door opens and closes. There’s nothing like a gentle breeze coming through the window while you’re enjoying your updated surroundings. “This is really nice!”

When school starts, or it’s time to close up the cabin, or work schedules kick back in to high gear for the Fall, your floors bring a smile every time you look at them.  “Glad we did that this summer!”

Hardwood Flooring Franklin Installation