When you are remodeling your bathroom, you have a lot of choices, but one of the most important is which tile you choose. The bathroom tile you select will alter the entire look of your bathroom, as well as determine how easy it is to keep clean—so the decision is important. In order to make the decision a bit easier, the team here at Floor Coverings International® of Oak Creek has put together a look at the top bathroom tile designs popular amongst homeowners today.

Matte Is Where It’s At

Glossy tiles used to be all the rage, but now, matte tiles are taking over. They provide a luxurious, sophisticated appearance and are available in many styles. And as a bonus, they don’t show water marks and fingerprints as easily as glossy tiles. But while their maintenance is simpler, they do not reflect light like their glossy counterparts, so make sure you also include plenty of lighting in your new bathroom design.

Subway bathroom tile flooring in FranklinSubway Tiles Get an Upgrade

Subway tiles have been a classic choice for bathrooms for decades. The neutral white finish and 3×6 size complement a wide variety of aesthetic designs. However tile designers are taking the classic up a notch. Instead of only coming in one size and pattern, subway tiles are now more often seen in various sizes, different colors, and even offer decorator touches, such as beveled, domed, or arched edges. And when you pair simple bathroom tiles with a contrasting grout, your bathroom is sure to make a statement.

Geometry Makes a Comeback

Squares and rectangles are so last year! Manufacturers are letting their creativity shine through and coming out with all types of geometric tiles that you can integrate into your bathroom for a unique and alluring appearance. Of the various shapes, hexagons seem to be the most popular, and you can mix and match different colors for a truly remarkable finished result. Play around with orientation and pattern for a design that will really stun.

Wood Look Tile Bathroom Franklin FlooringWood Shines in Bathroom Settings

When you think about wood flooring, the bathroom is probably the last place you would imagine it. However, advanced printing technology for ceramic, porcelain and vinyl makes it possible for tiles to emulate the look of wood grains. You can bring the refined look of wood to any space, no matter how wet the floors may get. While the tiles are available in common wood finishes, you can also opt for distressed, white-washed, or weathered wood-look planks for a more dramatic look. Talk to us about this hot trend to get to know all your tile options!

Redesigning a bathroom is always fun, but with today’s current trends in bathroom tiles, it just got a lot more exciting. As long as you keep function in mind while choosing your favorite aesthetics, you are sure to love your new bathroom for years to come. Get started with a free in-home design consultation and price estimate from the team here at Floor Coverings International® of Oak Creek! Call us today and get $200 off your project.



Photo Credits: © Monkey Business Images, © Dariusz Jarzabek