Dark hardwood is a dramatic, modern, and stunning option for your Greendale home. However, its bold personality can intimidate homeowners who aren’t sure if they want a statement floor. To make dark hardwood more approachable, Floor Coverings International® of Oak Creek has listed our favorite decor tips for three separate shades of dark hardwood.

Deep Brown Hardwood

A deep, rich brown brings an eye-catching twist to the classic beauty of hardwood. While black hardwood has a more modern vibe, this shade often offers a more traditional or rustic feel to your home. Enhance your deep brown wood with antique or vintage furniture. Soft, draped decor, such as frayed rugs and throw blankets, will bring a welcoming vibe to the room.

Deep brown hardwood is versatile and will likely match any decor. However, some colors will really pop against this shade. White and cream work well as a base, opening up the room and giving the illusion of more space. Accent with bright colors, such as royal blue. These shades will stand out beautifully.

dark hardwood flooring

Dark Red Hardwood

Dark red hardwood is luxurious, intense, and beautiful. Surprisingly, this statement flooring suits a variety of decor styles. Both warm and cool accents will work. Cut the richness and add airiness with white and gray, or complement this floor’s warmth with cream and gold. The only colors to avoid are red and orange. These shades are too similar and will clash with the rich red of your hardwood.

If there’s ever a flooring that suits a cozy aesthetic, it’s rich red hardwood. Create a luxurious space with draping blankets, fuzzy area rugs, and plush pillows. This will bring a welcoming, comfortable, and warm vibe to your home.

cherry hardwood flooring

Black Hardwood

Black hardwood is typically stained that way, though certain hardwood species – such as ebony – can come pretty close to true black. This shade can bring a lot of personality and visual intrigue to your home, but you have to be mindful of the impact black can make to space. To avoid letting your flooring overwhelm your home, go with light and bright accent shades. White and gray are perfect neutrals that will stand out against black hardwood. Choosing light decor will also prevent the room from looking cramped or small. Bright pops of color, such yellow, will stand out brilliantly against dark hardwood.

Black hardwood is modern and sleek, and we recommend complementing these characteristics with similarly modern furniture. To elevate the edgy vibe of black hardwood, go with modern decor made from metal. Wrought iron will look stunning paired with black flooring.

For a softer vibe, dress up dark hardwood with lots of cozy furniture and greenery.

black hardwood flooring

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