Laminate Franklin

If your first instinct when someone mentions laminate flooring is to picture the gaudy rec rooms of the 1970s, it’s time you took a second look. While this synthetic flooring really captured America’s imagination all those decades ago, it has received a hip facelift that makes it one of the most popular floor types we offer. Laminate looks so good now, many of our customers who swore they’d never stray from hardwoods have crossed over.

This new love affair with laminate isn’t all about looks, though. Sure, you can get just about any color and wood pattern you can dream of, but there are so many other reasons to invest in laminate flooring. From cost, to toughness, to eco friendliness and beyond.



Remodeling a floor can be a major investment. Depending on your style, budget, and the size of your home, hardwoods are not always the right fit. That’s when laminate offers one of its best benefits: cost. While it’s hard to get an exact comparison, laminate flooring can often cost one-third less than traditional flooring options. This allows owners to get the perfect look at a perfect price point.


Quick Installation

Laminate flooring is made of interlocking pieces, like a puzzle. This not only contributes to the floor’s durability, but it makes it a breeze for installers. A new laminate floor can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes for hardwoods or carpet.



On a similar note, one of laminate’s biggest advantages over other flooring types is that it works great with any type of subfloor. Whether you are laying your new laminate over hardwood, tile, or even cement, it’ll look perfect with minimal preparation.



While laminate is not scratch-proof, it’s about as close as you can hope to get. High heels and office chairs are no match for its tough surface. That’s not even considering all the other daily obstacles that run across these floors. Similarly, laminate flooring is highly impact resistant. Where dropping a mug, for example, would leave a dent in some hardwood floors, your laminate will look exactly the same.


Eco Friendly

One aspect of laminate flooring that is often overlooked is its impact on the environment. Or, rather, it’s impact on trees. By mimicking hardwood’s look and feel, laminate helps avoid deforestation. Also, laminate is recyclable. Its durability means it can be taken up and reused, which is pretty tough for any other flooring type.