When you consider your flooring options, be sure to include how lines in the flooring will affect how the space looks and feels. The right flooring can add a sense of continuity and consistency, especially in open spaces. Just as automotive body lines convey elegance or sportiness, and fashion lines add grace, visual lines in your flooring can enhance that important sense of flow, and makes the space look bigger.

In this recent Bayview makeover, the long, subtle hardwood lines update the look, provide durability, unify the living space with elegant warmth, and make the room look larger.

Bayview Hardwood Floors


Franklin Hardwood Flooring


Many factors affect your choice of new flooring.

So ask yourself this: what will serve me best in this space? 
Each material has features and benefits: durability, comfort, atmosphere, pet-friendliness, wheelchair and walker compatibility, color coordination, ease of care, and the list goes on. Find what matters most to you and let us find the perfect style to match.

In this entryway, previously featured, strong visual lines immediately draw your attention into connected living spaces where family and friends await!

Hardwood Flooring Franklin Installation

If you’d like your space to seem larger, be sure to mention it when our representative is there.
Well-chosen flooring lines may help you do just that!