Laminate Flooring

If your first instinct when someone mentions laminate flooring is to picture the gaudy rec rooms of the 1970s, it’s time you took a second look. While this synthetic flooring really captured America’s imagination all those decades ago, it has received a hip facelift that makes it one of the most popular floor types we… Read more »

Kitchen Flooring

When you choose flooring for your home, it’s usually a tossup between hardwoods and carpet. That’s a tough decision that depends heavily on your style, budget, and needs. Our customers sometime spend weeks making this choice. But that’s nothing compared to the selection process for kitchen flooring. If you are like us, the kitchen is… Read more »

Three Tools to Help Choose the Perfect Carpet

The old saying goes, “Wherever you hang your hat is home.” It’s a really lovely thought, but around here we like to think “Wherever you lay your carpet is home.” That’s because few things feel as warm and inviting inside a home as new carpet. If you are thinking of updating your flooring, there are… Read more »

Area Rug Tips and Tricks

We’re big fans of the area rug here at Floor Coverings International Franklin. What’s not to love? They highlight the aesthetic of the room, accent the furniture, and even hide unsightly floor features! Allow us to teach you the art of using area rugs to elevate the design of your Franklin home. Here is our… Read more »

Hardwood Floor Care Guide

Your hardwood floors make a statement the minute someone sees them. From a modern statement to a classic look, or something more unique, those floors do a lot of talking. However, your floors are not always a priority for children, pets, and household accidents. That’s why it’s important to care for your floors properly. A… Read more »

What Does it Mean to be Green?

You may be thinking about environmentally conscious flooring for your home. At Floor Coverings International® of , we value products that are beneficial or non-destructive to the environment. “Eco-friendly” is a popular phrase, but it’s not always explained. Today we go through some key facts about what it means for flooring to be eco-friendly, or… Read more »

Our Guide to Exotic Hardwoods

Installing new hardwoods for your home is like a new coat of paint for a car. While the structure remains the same, there’s an aura of excitement, sophistication, and fun this change brings. Just like with automobiles, you cannot go wrong with a solid, road-tested domestic like oak or maple. They have been favorites for… Read more »

Discover Our Showroom on Wheels

Our Mobile Flooring Showrooms are a key to the white glove service we provide to our flooring customers. They’re what make us “The Flooring Store at your Door.” We have hundreds of options in our famous hardwoods, lush carpets, high tech luxury vinyl and more are all loaded onboard. That means we bring our top… Read more »

The Bountiful Reasons to Choose Bamboo

“Are these floors eco friendly?” That’s a question we are hearing more and more on our showroom floor, and when we make home visits to clients. More and more of our savvy customers are thinking globally when remodeling their homes and we applaud that. Floor Coverings International of Franklin takes great pride in using responsibly… Read more »

Infographic: 3 Common Questions About Hardwood Flooring

While interior design trends ebb and flow over the years, there’s one flooring style that doesn’t ever leave: hardwood. This natural material is a timeless classic that will add beauty, durability, and value to your home. There are dozens of styles to choose from with a variety of customizable features such as stain and finish,… Read more »

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