franklin area rugWe’re big fans of the area rug here at Floor Coverings International Franklin. What’s not to love? They highlight the aesthetic of the room, accent the furniture, and even hide unsightly floor features! Allow us to teach you the art of using area rugs to elevate the design of your Franklin home. Here is our list of expert tips just for you to add that special touch only an area rug can offer!

Sense of Scale

Area rugs are a quick and easy way to accent your flooring with a playful or elegant ambience. They have the power to impact an entire room, but if your rug is too small it may warp your sense of space and make the room appear smaller! Bigger is often better when it comes to area rugs, so while a larger rug might be a little more expensive, consider the impact on your living space. If possible, leave the same amount of floor space on all sides of your rug.

Additionally, area rugs are generally best placed such that they extend some distance beyond the furniture they are underneath. For instance, when the rug continues a couple feet in front of and behind your furniture, it can enhance the warmth of the room’s social space, creating a more inviting atmosphere. For couches against the wall, place the area rug underneath the front feet and allow the design to extend into the center of the room If it is underneath your bed, an area rug should extend beyond the bed itself so that in the morning, you have something more comfortable to place your feet on.


Usually, if you are looking to decorate a whole room, it is best to select an area rug before the rest of the furniture. Their patterns can be unique, making it difficult to find exactly the right rug for a pre-decorated room. But if the central rug comes first, it will be an easier point around which to decorate. Of course, should you decide to rearrange or redecorate a room, an area rug is a great deal easier to replace than wall-to-wall carpet!

The Crafty Cover-Up

In the event of a flooring accident, area rugs can become quite handy. Wood floors can be warped or dented and carpets can be stained. One sneaky solution is the placement of an area rug atop these blemishes! Out of sight, out of mind.

franklin area rugWe’re Here to Help!

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