Is there any flooring option more beautiful than hardwood? For many Franklin homeowners, hardwoods are the “must have” floor for living spaces, bedrooms and most of the home. However, parents of young children may have some concerns about how well these floors will stand up to the beating that kids put on any surface–even when they are careful. It is important to realize that each type of hardwood floor is different, so choosing the right one may mean the difference between a durable, functional surface and one that simply won’t work. Our team at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South has rounded up a few of the best style options for you to consider if you’re planning to use hardwood in a home with children.


Light Natural Hardwood Floors Family HomeLight Colors

One of the most important choices you’ll have to make when choosing hardwood flooring is the color. While those deep, dark mahogany or black cherry shades can be quite appealing, they are challenging to keep looking their best. Lighter shades of hardwood are more likely to conceal scratches, dings, and imperfections rather than make them look dramatically out of place.


Matte Finish

Instead of going for that shiny, glossy finish, you may wish to consider a matte finish wood. A polished floor is easier to scratch, more slippery, and shows wear and damage much more quickly. None of those features is especially appealing to someone with small children. A matte finish will hide imperfections, and you won’t feel like you have to spend hours every week keeping it shiny either. Matte finishes are also often associated with more rustic-looking floors, which develop character from the scratches and imperfections across the surface.


Hardwood Floors For ChildrenDurability

The harder a floor, the less likely it is to show a dent. The hardness rating for hardwood floors is calculated by something called the Janka Hardness Scale. Every hardwood species is given a score based on how many pounds of pressure it takes to embed a small steel ball halfway into a piece of wood. The most commonly used hardwood species is white oak, which earns a score of 1360.

Try to choose a type of flooring with a high rating, but that also has the other qualities you desire. Maple, for instance, is quite hard and also has that light shade desired in many family homes. Pair this with a matte finish, and you may have the ideal hardwood floor for your home. Lastly, remember that many engineered woods can be more durable than their solid hardwood counterparts, and still offer the look you love.


If you choose the style carefully, hardwood floors can be an incredible choice for Franklin homes with children–meaning there is no reason not to upgrade your look to hardwood! However, don’t be stressed about your options. With the endless variety of hardwood species available, you won’t have to sacrifice style for durability. Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South can help find the perfect floor for you that looks the way you want it to, yet still stands up to the expected wear and tear in your family home. We proudly serve the Greater South Side. Call us today!


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