Your hardwood floors make a statement the minute someone sees them. From a modern statement to a classic look, or something more unique, those floors do a lot of talking. However, your floors are not always a priority for children, pets, and household accidents. That’s why it’s important to care for your floors properly. A little planning and elbow grease will keep those hardwoods looking brand new for decades.

Here are three must-do tips for caring for floors:


How to clean floors

Keep a Schedule

Cleaning your floors regularly keeps those hardwoods happy. In fact, the National Wood Flooring Association has a recommended schedule to keep the surfaces under our feet looking phenomenal.

Daily: Sweep, dust, and mop your floors. Our favorite time to do this quick daily maintenance is in the evening. That’s when foot traffic from friends, family, and pets are at a minimum.

Weekly: Vacuum the hardwoods on the bare floor setting. Vacuums are not just for carpets, in fact they are essential in caring for your wood. The fine grit and dirt that can settle on floors can often act as a kind of sandpaper that wears away the finish. Sucking up that microscopic debris on a weekly basis keeps that luster alive.

Monthly: Clean with a recommended wood flooring cleaner.

Future: The Association recommends applying a maintenance coat of finish every 3-5 years. This helps repair any scratches and marks, plus it keeps the color vibrant. Keeping with this schedule means you can put off a full sanding and refinishing of floors for decades.


Become a No-Shoes Household

Maybe this is already the case in your home. If so, bravo! If not, you might want to consider leaving the footwear by the door for several reasons. Chief among them, the pebbles and dirt and other unwanted elements carried by shoes is almost a guarantee of scratches to come. On top of that, the germs and grime on our soles can also be pretty gross, especially if you have small children playing on the floor


Choose Cleaning Products Wisely

When the inevitable spill happens, we highly recommend having some no-wax wood floor cleaner on hand for a quick spot cleanup. These products are made to clear away any harmful debris and leave behind only your beautiful finish. On a similar note, it’s important to immediately clean up liquids like water, hairspray, and furniture polish as they can seep into the wood and cause serious damage when not eliminated right away.


Stick to these three simple steps and the investment you made in your floors will pay off for decades to come!