If you are a homeowner in the Franklin, Oak Creek, New Berlin area considering porcelain or ceramic tile floors for your next home upgrade, you want to make sure you understand how tile grading works. In brief, this scale helps categorize tiles based on how susceptible they are to scratches and other surface damage. Grade 1 ceramic tile is the most susceptible and Grade 5 is the least susceptible. To get a better feel for how this system works, the team at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South has created this simple guide.

Grade 1:

These tiles are considered the softest and are more likely to scratch easier than the other grades. They should be regularly maintained to ensure longevity. However, grade one tiles are typically the least expensive and are perfect for making beautiful walls and backsplashes.

Ceramic Tile grading scale in Franklin

Grade 2:

Similar to grade one tiles, our customers find grade two tiles work well for backsplashes and walls. However, they can also work as flooring in areas with light foot traffic. Grade two tiles can be an economical option for bathroom floors but aren’t recommended for higher traffic areas like kitchens or living rooms.

Grade 3:

As the mid-level option, it’s no surprise that grade three tiles are the most commonly used for a wide range of household projects. You’ll find they make great kitchen floors or countertops. You can confidently rely on grade three tiles to withstand your everyday wear and tear.

Grade 4:

This is the strongest tile we typically see in residential settings. Grade three tiles will do the trick most of the time, but you can opt for grade four as more of an insurance option.

Grade 5:

These tiles can really take a beating and are typically used in high-traffic public and commercial areas. We don’t usually see these in homes, but if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line tile that will last a long time, a grade five is your best bet.

Each grade of tile has its own pros and cons and your choice will ultimately depend on your own budget and lifestyle. If you have kids or pets, a grade four or five tile may be the best investment. If you’re renovating a guest bathroom, you could opt for a lower grade two or three tile. The experts at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South are available to give you personalized insight and help you figure out which grade tile would do best in your home. Give us a call today!

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