Floor Coverings International Franklin OwnerDave Paeske: Born For The Floor

Dave Paeske’s mind seems to hover right around ground level. “That’s right where I belong,” he says. “And I love it!” In fact, it took him years to get down to the floor and he’s not planning on changing any time soon. That’s because the Greendale native never truly found himself until he began working with hardwoods and carpet and laminate.

“Before I started Floor Coverings International of Franklin,” he says, while driving to a customer home visit, “I was sitting in a job interview. The position was offering everything you could want: six weeks of vacation, free travel, and just all kinds of great perks.” Everything, it turned out, except one thing. Paeske’s heart. “I was interviewing with the HR manager and the supervisor in an office,” he says, “and all I’m thinking is, Wow, I have absolutely no interest in doing this.” It was during that meeting that he decided to open the business.

The corporate world’s loss is the home renovation world’s gain. After spending decades helping improve customer experience for companies like AT&T, Paeske combined his professional expertise with his passion for flooring. With more than 15 years of experience installing floors on the side, Paeske decided to put his money where his heart was and opened Floor Coverings International in early 2017. The result is a company that offers top notch products and extraordinary customer care.

Since opening his doors, Paeske says he hasn’t looked back. “Things just keep getting better and better around here,” he says. That’s because Paeske discovered another perk to this career: hiring.

“One of the greatest pleasures of owning my own business has been being a job creator for the community.” Thanks to overwhelming consumer demand, Franklin Floor Coverings has added jobs in sales, office management, and installation craftsmen. In 2018, Paeske plans on expanding even further to meet customer needs.

It’s safe to say, Paeske likes having his mind focused on the floor. “Beats having your mind in the gutter,” he laughs.