Hardwood Installer Franklin A home’s flooring says a lot about its owner. All the thought, planning, and excitement that go into a remodel is reflected by the floors. They have to be perfect or your house simply doesn’t feel like a home. That’s a responsibility Floor Coverings International of Franklin takes very seriously. It’s why we take so much care in selecting the people who install our floors.


“A portion of the customer’s experience comes from meeting with one design associate and selecting their flooring. Having a wonderful selection of high quality products to choose from is such an important part of the process,” says owner Dave Paeske. “But that’s only the first half.”


The second half is installation. Proper floor installation is an art that requires patience and vision and a razor sharp eye for detail. That’s why our selection process is rigorous and we only bring on the best talent the area has to offer. “One of the most important parts of my job is finding the right men and women to be my installers,” says Paeske. “They are more than just installers. Most have over twenty-five years of experience in flooring. They are truly craftsmen as they provide custom work on each project we undertake.”


Our team’s countless years of experience means they are ready for any challenge. From fitting carpet around tricky corners, to transitioning laminate flooring, to refitting an entire home with new hardwoods, there is nothing our craftsmen cannot install to perfection. Along the way, they keep the customers in the loop. “So much of the customer’s experience comes from how the installation goes and we take great pride in that process. Not just doing high quality work, but also being personable. We like to bring a real family feeling to the jobsite.”


We take the family aspect of our work seriously which includes something that keeps families happy – cleaning up after ourselves. “Our craftsmen always make sure they leave the jobsite cleaner than they found it. In addition, we move all the furniture before the work and then put it back exactly the way it started after a job is complete,” says Paeske. “A lot of installers will not do those types of things. We like how that sets us apart in the marketplace.”


Just another way our craftsmen take flooring to a whole new level.