Installing new hardwoods for your home is like a new coat of paint for a car. While the structure remains the same, there’s an aura of excitement, sophistication, and fun this change brings. Just like with automobiles, you cannot go wrong with a solid, road-tested domestic like oak or maple. They have been favorites for generations with good reason – they look great, feel great, and can fit within practically any budget.

However, just like with cars, sometimes an exotic import model is more fitting for your lifestyle and personality. While people might not look toward South America for a sports sedan, it’s the perfect place for exotic hardwood flooring. South America’s unique climate and landscape means it grows trees unlike anywhere else in the world and can produce some of the most incredible flooring you are likely to see. Stunning colors, eye-popping woodgrains, and unprecedented durability are just a few reasons we highly recommend South American hardwood floors for customers looking for a unique accent to their home.

Here are three you might not know about.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Franklin

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood

Brazilian Cherry

The first thing customers notice about this stunning hardwood is its color. Brazilian Cherry is distinct thanks to its reddish hue and powerful grain pattern. However, that’s not what draws the biggest raves. After homeowners have had this wood in the house for a while, people begin to understand why this beautiful hardwood earned the highest score by the flooring industry’s durability rating system, the Janka Hardness Test. In fact, Brazilian Cherry ranks two times as hard as domestic red oak. No, Brazilian cherry is invincible, but this might just be the toughest flooring on Earth.

Brazilian Tigerwood Floor East Bay

Brazilian Tigerwood Floor


A particular favorite for homes looking for a pop of color and uniqueness, Tigerwood is in a class by itself. This South American wood is certain to spark conversations thanks to that one-of-a-kind pattern. Tigerwood’s rich browns and oranges swirl together so that they often mimic the striping of a tiger. This amazing wood finds itself at home with modern décor and classic interiors alike. Truly, there’s no home that cannot use a tiger on the prowl.


For pure “wow factor” you cannot top Purpleheart flooring. This South American gem is a breath of fresh air for any room in need of a little class and levity. The dark burgundy wine coloring is all natural and incredibly tough. Purpleheart ranks so high on the Janka scale that it is considered by experts to be twice as hard as cherry and teak flooring. For its combination of bold coloring and durability, it is one-of-a-kind.