“Are these floors eco friendly?”

That’s a question we are hearing more and more on our showroom floor, and when we make home visits to clients. More and more of our savvy customers are thinking globally when remodeling their homes and we applaud that. Floor Coverings International of Franklin takes great pride in using responsibly sourced wood for all of our products, but if you are looking for the most ecological bang for the buck, the answer is natural bamboo.

It also doesn’t hurt that natural bamboo flooring is beautiful, unique, and modern. It’s really the perfect package.

Bamboo Flooring Franklin

Aside from being a tasty treat for koalas, what is bamboo? While it is actually tougher than a lot of hardwoods, bamboo is surprisingly in the grass family. It is found primarily in rainy parts of China, Japan, and the Philippines and it grows at a very rapid pace. In only four years bamboo can grow to a whopping height of 65 feet. That amazing regeneration power is what makes it such a valuable renewable resource and why our bamboo flooring satisfies the strict Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards for the Green Building Rating System.

So, bamboo leaves a very small carbon footprint for users and, as we hinted, is incredibly strong. Our three-ply vertical and horizontal construction means that these planks are 27% harder than oak and 13% harder than maple. Natural bamboo’s intricate fibers also ensure that these floors are far less absorbent than traditional hardwood, which makes them ideal for homes with children or pets.

Finally, natural bamboo flooring is a responsible choice for the global environment, but also for your home environment. These stunning floors are also lower in allergens and PVCs than many more traditional flooring options. This means that your family will breathe easy as they enjoy the comfort and beauty of natural bamboo.

No matter if you are steered toward natural bamboo floors for environmental, durability, or allergen reasons, you can’t go wrong with this uniquely crafted floor.