The old saying goes, “Wherever you hang your hat is home.” It’s a really lovely thought, but around here we like to think “Wherever you lay your carpet is home.” That’s because few things feel as warm and inviting inside a home as new carpet. If you are thinking of updating your flooring, there are a few things to consider before you turn your house into a home.

Luckily, we are here to guide you through the process, so that you find the perfect carpet to match your home and your lifestyle. In fact, there are really only three main things to consider when shopping for carpet: Feel, Format, and Color.


Franklin Carpet installationFeel

For carpet lovers, feeling is everything. From cushy and welcoming, to sleek and modern, a carpet says a lot about your home. On the softest end of the spectrum is Shag. While we tend to associate this choice with 1970s style, it is making a big comeback thanks to its softness and durability. Comprised of different fibers and lengths, this thick piled carpet instantly becomes the coziest spot in the house.

Solid Cut Pile carpets, on the other hand, are shorn a little closer to the floor and are actually the most popular type of carpet. The fibers are all the same length, which still provides softness, but also a sleekness many homeowners desire.

Loop: Also known as Berber, it makes for a beautiful, sometimes more casual look which is great for family rooms and finished basements. Loop carpet is known for being durable and stylish.

From there, we can always get closer and closer to the floor. It all depends on your style and needs.



The format of your carpet depends heavily on your lifestyle. We tend to recommend Wall-to-Wall carpet for low traffic areas. This means a single roll of your choice carpet is cut and stretched to perfectly fit your rooms. However, Carpet Tiles are a great choice for homeowners with pets and young children. That’s because spills and messes are pretty much inevitable and when they arrive, can be a nightmare. With a carpet tile, you simply pop up a square of carpet and replace it with an exact replica. No one is the wiser. While traditionally thought of as a commercial product, carpet tiles are gaining popularity for certain home applications. It’s a great way to avoid costly cleaning fees or unsightly stains.



Now, for the biggest decision you will make with your new carpet: color. Consider the color of your walls and furniture when choosing a carpet to make sure they are in harmony. Because of these considerations, neutral colors tend to be among the bestsellers. Earth tones, warm greys, and tan are seen in homes around the globe because they tend to go with most wall colors and they are also easy to clean. In our experience, extremely light or extremely dark carpets tend to show debris more obviously. Another way to add a pop of life to a more neutral carpet is to consider ones with color flecks. This is where a second (or sometimes third) color is introduced into the weave to create a broad palette.

While these are all important elements to consider, the most important thing is to ask yourself is this: “Does this feel like home?” Our mobile showrooms have a great selection of carpeting taking all of the above into account. We look forward to helping you pick just the right one for your home!