You may be thinking about environmentally conscious flooring for your Franklin, Oak Creek, New Berlin home. At Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South, we value products that are beneficial or non-destructive to the environment. “Eco-friendly” is a popular phrase, but it’s not always explained. Today we go through some key facts about what it means for flooring to be eco-friendly, or “green.”

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The basic thing to know about eco-friendly flooring is that it is non-toxic. This means it does not emit anything harmful to the ecosystem, either by itself or through its production. If a flooring substance releases chemicals over a long period, it may be especially dangerous to have installed in your home. Carpets, for example, were often installed with glues that would slowly release harmful gasses that were then ingested by children and adults. Eco-friendly floors will emit no chemicals or gasses into your home.  


Eco-friendly flooring tends to be of a renewable resource. This usually applies to living sources of flooring, like trees for hardwood. Marble, for example, is not a renewable flooring material as it cannot be replanted or replenished. However, not all trees are equally renewable. Certain sources of wood can be difficult to regrow. Bamboo is a famous example of sustainable flooring due to its rapid growth period.

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Reduce, Reuse

Some materials are labeled eco-friendly if they are produced from recycled materials. They represent an effort to maintain what we already have by reusing what we no longer need. Recycled carpet tiles are a common option, created from used nylon and vinyl. Lumber can be either salvaged or re-milled from old wooden constructs, reducing the need for new trees to be harvested. Re-milled lumber in particular can be a very attractive choice for a home in the greater Franklin, Oak Creek, New Berlin area since it often features a distinct rustic appearance.

Don’t be Fooled!

Sometimes products are marketed as eco-friendly, even though they are not. This is known as “greenwashing.” To avoid accidentally buying a product that is not actually eco-friendly, you can check to see if the product is approved by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency.

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