When the cold wind blows outside, you may be thinking about how chilly your floors are.  Now is the time to consider cozy carpets for your home.  But what will keep your home warm plus add to the overall style?  Let’s look at what’s available from the team here at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South.

cozy carpet franklinCarpets or Area Rugs?

If your home already has tile or wood floors that you want to keep, adding area rugs with appropriate nonskid padding beneath them goes a long way in giving you a little more protection from winter’s frosty bite. Unfortunately, area rugs won’t provide the necessary insulation that wall to wall carpeting does.  But, tile with rugs will help keep your home warmer if it is on a slab because it stores the heat from the ground and slowly releases it in the room.  The rugs will help keep the floor warmer.

Carpets, on the other hand, that have good padding beneath them will keep your floors and your house warmer in winter. The choice is up to you.

What Carpet Will Keep Me Warm?

Most good quality carpets will keep you warm, but most of the warmth and insulation comes from the carpet pad and not  the carpet, itself.  That’s why you should choose the carpet you like best and get the very best pad you can afford in order to keep your carpet soft and comfortable to your feet and improve the overall longevity of the carpet you choose.  One caveat to this rule is if you have radiant floor heating.  Radiant floors do not do as well with carpet and thick pads because the padding will block the heat radiating from the floor.  Another caveat is Berber carpeting, which often needs its own type of padding.

The most common types of carpet are nylon, polyester, olefin, and wool. Wool is often the warmest of the four. Popular styles include textures, patterns, and bold colors.

Understanding R Values

You will want to buy carpet with the highest R value.  The R value is resistance the carpet has to heat flow, which means how much insulative qualities it has. Most carpet padding has R values between 0.2 and 2.  The higher the number, the better.  When you add the R value of the carpet, itself, that gives the total R value of your carpet and padding.  So, if your pad has a 2 R value and the carpet has a 3 R value, the total R value of your flooring is 5.  Higher R values are warmer.  Wool carpets may actually have higher R values than the padding.

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