frieze carpet flooring Franklin greater South SideWe totally understand if hearing the words “shag carpet” conjures unpleasant images of bell-bottoms and tie-dye. But while loose, comfortable carpet pile might be associated with days gone by, you should know that shag carpet is making something of a comeback in a more sophisticated, low-maintenance form: frieze.

Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South is here to help you decide what kind of carpet is right for your home in the greater South Side, and we want you to know about all of your options. Read on to learn more about what frieze has to offer.

What is Frieze Carpet?frieze carpet flooring Franklin greater South Side

While it may be similar to shag carpet in some ways, frieze is still a distinct style in and of itself. Frieze carpets tend to have longer fibers with a very high level of twist – and unlike shag, the fibers are less dense, giving the surface a thinner appearance.

The overall effect of a frieze carpet in your home will be to impart a distinct textural contrast, and you’ll also have the benefit of enjoying a uniquely comfortable surface to walk, lay, and lounge around on.

Benefits of Frieze Carpets

Besides its more updated, sophisticated look, there are quite a few reasons why people in the greater South Side might choose frieze carpet:

  • Loose texture hides footprints and other impressions
  • Great for high traffic areas like hallways and stairs
  • Enhanced durability thanks to position of fibers
  • Loose fibers impart a trendy, laid back look to any room
  • Extremely comfortable for living rooms and bedrooms

Other Considerations

One important thing to keep in mind about frieze carpeting is that because of the loose fiber construction, this style of carpet is more susceptible to spills and staining. Where denser carpet would keep liquid from penetrating into the carpet backing, frieze has no such protection. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your frieze carpet has some kind of anti-stain protection or warranty.

If you still have questions about frieze carpet – or if you simply want to see it in person – contact the team at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South. We serve the greater South Side area, and we’re always happy to bring our mobile showroom straight to you for a free, in-home consultation. Get started today!

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