Plush Carpet in Oak CreekHomeowners in the greater Franklin, Oak Creek, New Berlin area choose plush carpeting for the comfort and warmth it brings to a room. However, many people select plush simply by its feel and may not be familiar with the particular carpet style. Read on below to learn more about what plush carpeting has to offer.

About Plush Carpet

Plush carpet is a style of carpet identified by the length of its pile. For carpeting, pile refers to individual carpet yarns that are woven through the carpet backing and then cut to a certain height. Woven carpets, such as Berber, do not have pile heights, since they consist of yarns continuously woven through the backing. Plush, frieze, and shag carpets all have pile with different heights and amount of twist to the individual yarns.

Plush carpeting is known for its comfort, because it has a medium pile length. Each individual piece of yarn has a slight twist, but as a whole the pile rests at a uniform height. This provides a soft, cushioned surface underfoot. Both frieze and shag carpets have longer pile with more twist, so each individual pile curls over at the top. This provides a different texture and feel for those carpet types.

Benefits of Plush Carpet

Besides the feeling plush carpet brings to a room, it also holds an advantage in variety compared to frieze and shag options. Plush carpet comes in an array of colors, patterns, and textures. Frieze and shag do not have the same texture variation, because their pile types really only associate with one type of texture. Ultimately plush is more accommodating if you want more creativity in your design.

If your home is prone to spills, possibly due to pets or kids, plush pile may be easier to maintain. While frieze and shag carpets do a better job at concealing dirt and imperfections, they also spread liquid spills. Professional carpet cleaning is beneficial for all carpet types, but the longer pile types will need it more often.

Drawbacks of Plush Carpet

One possible drawback of plush is that it shows footprints and vacuum tracks, which could take away from the uniform look some homeowners want with their carpet. Some people enjoy the look of patterned vacuum lines, so this depends on personal preference.

While plush holds up better to spills than frieze and shag, it also shows dirt and imperfections more prominently than the longer pile options. However, with suggested maintenance of weekly vacuuming this shouldn’t pose a problem.

Plush carpet is moderately durable and is not recommended for rooms with heavy foot traffic. It is most commonly used for bedrooms. If the carpeting does see more use, then more frequent vacuuming is recommended.

Your Local Carpet Experts

If you are looking to install carpet, give the experts at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South a call. Our design experts will help you select the perfect carpet to suit your needs. Using our mobile flooring showroom we can bring hundreds of samples directly to you.

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