Saxony carpet is incredibly popular and found in many Milwaukee area homes. This soft, dependable, and timeless carpet is a classic backdrop for a wide range of rooms and uses. Our carpet experts at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South are here to guide you through all there is to know about Saxony carpet and the lush luxury it will bring to your home.

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What is Saxony Carpet?

When we talk about what carpet material is made out of, we talk about carpet pile, which refers to its fibers. Saxony carpet has a soft “cut pile”. The densely woven fibers are tightly twisted, shortly trimmed to an even length, and left open. This creates an incredibly smooth surface underfoot. Saxony is available in a variety of fibers and grades, so the price and quality will depend on your choice, which we will happily walk you through.

Straight Saxony or Textured Saxony?

The fibers in straight Saxony all go in one direction and have a uniform color. Many people relate straight Saxony to velvet in its softness and appearance. While this softness is irresistible, be aware that this style is likely to show footprints or vacuum tracks when the uniformity is disturbed. For this reason, we recommend straight Saxony in areas where you won’t mind the imprints.

Textured Saxony fibers are twisted in different, varying directions rather than one direction. Differences in color are less noticeable compared to the uniform color of straight Saxony. For this reason, footprints and vacuum marks won’t show on this “trackless” version.

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Where to Install Saxony Carpet?

Saxony carpet is toted for both its elegant luxury and plush softness. Formal rooms often have Saxony carpet, as do cozy bedrooms. In rooms where you may want some homey comfort, the velvety softness of straight Saxony is a go-to option. Textured Saxony is the perfect choice for areas with higher traffic, such as hallways. Saxony carpet is one of the most common options, but is always in style – the options are really endless!

Cozy up with Saxony Carpet in Franklin Today!

If you are considering installing Saxony carpet in your Franklin home, call our design experts at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South and schedule your free, in-home consultation. We proudly serve Franklin, Oak Creek, New Berlin and surrounding areas.

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