American walnut hardwood is a popular choice for homes in Franklin, Oak Creek, New Berlin, and beyond because of its durability and rich aesthetic. Compared to other types of flooring, walnut gives a darker and fuller color. It is also less abundant than maple or oak, making it more unique due to its rarity. Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South can help you make an informed decision about walnut hardwood with the guidelines below. Here is everything you need to know about walnut hardwood flooring.


Walnut Hardwood Flooring FranklinThe Origin of Walnut

Walnut has been used as a material for flooring and cabinetry for thousands of years dating back to the times of the ancient Greeks, who commonly used walnut for wedding decorations as a symbol of fertility. In North America, walnut was used for larger projects rather than just ornamentation, and it was a popular construction material during World War I.


The Cost of Walnut

Walnut costs slightly more than other species of wood that are indigenous to North America, but it is less expensive than imported hardwood. Its rarity increases the price, and this creates an attraction to the wood that must be monitored. See your experts at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South to make sure your walnut floors are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and are sustainably harvested.


Working With Walnut

Walnut flooring is relatively easy to work with. It is typically a straight-grained wood, but can have wavy irregularities and we suggest trusting a team of professionals to get the job done for you. Unlike other wood grains, walnut does not shrink very much when it dries. Walnut grain makes it easy to use for projects like cupboards, furniture and room accents, making is easy to match the look of your flooring.


Janka Rating of Walnut

Walnut has a Janka scale ranking of 1,010. This is a relatively robust score; however, oak and maple are slightly more durable. Walnut is considered more durable than American cherry, paper birch, Douglas fir, or white pine. When properly treated with a strong sealant and finish to protect from superficial scratches and dents, walnut will last for years to come in your home.


The Look of Walnut

The number one reason that people choose walnut is because of its rich, deep look. Walnut comes naturally in colors that span from dark chocolate brown to even light, creamy tan. Many variants of walnut have yellow, green and purple hues mixed in with the base color. The coloring of walnut varies widely, and walnut is best left in its natural state for a unique and bold statement.

Walnut is a beautiful and unique wood for you to consider for your home in the Greater South Side. Schedule a free design consultation with an expert on our team to view samples of walnut and other hardwood styles. Call us today!

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