If you want a hardwood that looks beautiful and holds up under very heavy use, beech could be an excellent choice. Ideal even for basketball courts, beech hardwood can withstand a lot of traffic without losing its color or beautiful character. If you are thinking about installing beech hardwood flooring in your home, here is what you should know.

European Beech Hardwood Floors Franklin WI

European Beech Hardwood

Beech Hardwood Benefits

Beech has a unique look that many love for their homes in Franklin, Oak Creek, New Berlin, and beyond. The close grain gives it a modern, uniform appearance that complements a wide array of décor styles. Beech is about as hard as red oak with a Janka score of 1300, which means it holds up well to everyday wear and tear that it might experience in your home. Grown heavily in the Eastern United States and Europe, beech is relatively affordable and available. It is not as widespread as some other popular hardwood types, but the American Hardwood Export Council rates beech as a sustainable option for American consumers.

Beech Color Styles

If you have a specific image in mind for beech hardwood flooring, you should make sure you choose the right species. It may surprise you to learn that American beech is not the same as beech hardwood harvested in Europe. In fact, some of beech’s most popular features are limited to one or the other. Depending on the type of beech, colors range from light, sandy shades to warm tans with hues of pink. If you expect consistency in color, European beech is more likely to meet your requirements. People who want a greater variety may prefer American beech.

American Beech Hardwood Floors Franklin WI

American Beech Hardwood

Potential Considerations

Beech is fairly easy to work and install, making it a good option for residential flooring.  However, This species is prone to shrinking during the drying process. Homeowners should confirm that they have given the wood adequate time to dry and acclimate before installing it. Otherwise, the wood has a higher risk of cupping and gapping over time. Avoid using beech in rooms with poor humidity and moisture control such as bathrooms or below-grade rooms.

Caring for Beech Hardwood Flooring

Like other kinds of hardwood flooring, beech needs proper care to maintain its lovely color and durability. Although beech is not soft like pine, it is still prone to scratching. Keep pets’ nails trimmed to minimize damage, and protect the flooring from sharp corners on furniture legs. Gentle wiping with a dust mop will help to keep it clean. If you do choose to use beech in an entryway or kitchen where it might be exposed to more liquid, be sure to clean up any spills quickly so it does not absorb into the wood. Refinishing the hardwood can take away years of damage, but you may not need to do this more than once every 5-7 years.

Love the color of beech? Longing for a hardwood floor that will stand up to the test of time? Beech could be a wonderful investment. With a better understanding of the benefits and considerations of beech hardwood, you can make a decision you will be proud to show for years. Contact the expert design and installation team at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South to learn more about beech and your many options for new hardwood flooring in your home. We proudly serve Franklin, Oak Creek, New Berlin, and the greater South Side and would love to help you on your next project. Call us today!


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