Choosing a hardwood floor means weighing a lot of factors: color, location, natural light, interior design scheme, cost, and more. What type of wood works in what type of room? Will I notice acquired scratches throughout the years? Will this increase the value of my home? Here at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South, we understand how stressful this process can be. Allow us to make it easier for you by giving you the basics of what you need to know about popular hardwood styles – starting with birch! Take a look at this beautiful, durable, and trendy wood!

Birch Hardwood Hales CornersPros: Birch Is Affordable

While hardwood is never the least expensive flooring option, birch is definitely on the more affordable side of the spectrum. It is a domestic wood that has grown readily for years, which brings the price tag down a little bit. Different modifications such as wide planks, stains, or parquet patterns can drive the cost back up, but your standard birch planks are well within an average hardwood budget.

Cons: It Takes on Moisture

Unlike some other woods, birch does absorb ambient moisture. That means it’s better in drier areas or in homes with climate control. We definitely don’t recommend birch for bathrooms or below grade rooms and it’s important to be mindful in kitchens or living rooms where people might spill drinks that can get absorbed by the wood.

Pros: The Wood Grain Is Beautiful

Some hardwoods have tight, straight grains that offer a uniform look. While this is good for some aesthetics, most homeowners want the natural beauty of hardwood grain. Birch is commonly seen with beautiful swirling markings that make your floors a statement piece rather than a neutral foundation.

Cons: Can Be Hard to Work With

When it comes to hardwood installation, we really recommend trusting a professional team. The experts here at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South will make sure that every inch is treated with care and that you won’t risk the quality of your floor because of irregular seams and edges or improperly installed planks.

Pros: Birch Takes Stain Easily

While many people love the creamy white or light blond coloration of birch, others want a more dramatic effect. If you want to leverage the affordability of reclaimed or new birch but achieve the coloration of a more expensive hardwood, you can. Birch takes stain readily and you don’t even risk harming the characteristic grain markings.

Cons: Some Varieties Aren’t As Strong

There are three common birch variations: sweet birch, yellow birch, and paper birch. While sweet birch and yellow birch are above average standards for home flooring and can stand up to moderate foot traffic, paper birch is considered a softwood and will easily acquire scratches or damage in busy homes. Be sure you’re choosing the right species for your home!

Pros: Reclaimed Birch is Common 

Birch is an easy wood to reclaim, reshape, and refinish. In some cases, reclaimed wood is a financial bargain; in other cases, it can get pricey. However, in all cases, it’s a great thing to do for the environment, and pairs beautifully with an array of rustic or laid-back decor themes. Lastly, birch is a common wood species on the east coast, and many historic homes or buildings used birch. This means there are many reclaiming opportunities nearby.

Feel like an expert? If so, great! If not, feel free to get in touch with the team here at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South for the answers to any questions you might have! We offer free in-home design consultations and estimates to homeowners in Franklin, Oak Creek, New Berlin, and beyond. Give us a call today!

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