Here at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South, we know the ins and outs of flooring style and installation. One of the most popular hardwood species is Brazilian cherry, and for good reason. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this beautiful hardwood so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floor Coverings International FranklinBeauty

Unlike its American counterpart named for the fruit it produces, Brazilian cherry gets its name from the deep red hues of the wood. While you are likely to see a fair amount of color variation, the warm undertones ranging from light pink to rusty red are prominent and distinct. Some homeowners may argue that the bright character of the wood makes it harder to complement with other fixtures and furniture, but we believe that it adds a unique quality to your home. If you want your flooring to make a statement, this is an excellent choice.


All hardwood is measured on the Janka scale. The score it receives correlates to the amount of pressure in pounds it takes to wedge a small steel ball halfway into the board. Brazilian cherry earns an exceptionally high score of 2350. For busy households or families with children and pets, Brazilian cherry is an excellent choice. The wood will stand up to heavy foot traffic as well as spills and dropped objects. You won’t have to worry about acquiring scratches or dents with this exotic luxury.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floor Coverings International FranklinMaintenance

The durability of the wood makes it extremely easy to care for. The wood is rot-resistant and won’t absorb moisture easily. Any dust or dirt buildup will rest on the surface. We recommend sweeping or vacuuming regularly. When well maintained, Brazilian cherry can last a lifetime in your home.

Get Started

For an exotic hardwood, Brazilian cherry is relatively affordable. On average, floors run anywhere from $5 to $8 per square foot. Brazilian cherry has been a popular hardwood for homeowners for decades. To get the timeless look, give us a call. We offer free in-home design consultations in Franklin, Oak Creek, New Berlin, and neighboring areas.

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