cherry hardwood flooring

Cherry hardwood flooring adds a warm finish to any room. With its attractive red hue with dark brown streaks that darken slightly with age, it is no surprise that cherry is so popular with Franklin, Oak Creek, New Berlin homeowners. Our installation team at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South is ready to make sure that your cherry hardwood flooring looks just the way you want it.

There are many varieties of cherry hardwood, including Brazilian, Asian, Bolivian, and American. These varieties vary in terms of color, grain pattern, and hardness. The two most popular cherries local homeowners choose are American and Brazilian, but the two are incredibly different. Let’s take a look at the two styles and decide which could be best for your home.

American Cherry

American cherry has a light rosy hue that makes it the perfect addition to warm up your space without overpowering your home with a bright wood color. Over time and with a lot of light exposure, your floors will darken to a medium brown, but the red tint that gives cherry hardwood its name will remain. American cherry is on the softer end of the Janka hardness scale and is more susceptible to scratches and dents than Brazilian cherry. For this reason, we recommend it for bedrooms or low-traffic areas of the home rather than living rooms, hallways, or entryways. It is a great option for adding subtle elegance to your formal spaces.

Brazilian Cherry

Where American cherry lacks durability, Brazilian cherry more than makes up for it. The wood has a Janka hardness rating of 2350, which exceeds domestic wood species and will easily resist damage in the busiest of homes. The wood of Brazilian Cherry is darker with a more pronounced red hue and has more color variation in the heartwood such as the the darker streaks you see in the photo above. Brazilian cherry will also darken over time, but if you want to retain that bright, bold hue for longer, we recommend applying linseed oil to the wood twice a year. This is especially suggest this in rooms that receive a lot of natural light. This variation is a popular choice today because it has an open grain that looks similar to oak, but is twice as hard. Exotic woods are generally more expensive due to shipping costs and installation is harder because of the extreme durability, but Brazilian cherry is known to be a more inexpensive imported wood that can likely fit your budget. Talk to us about different options such as narrow or wide plank and pre-finished or site-finished to adjust the cost of your new floors.

Using Cherry In Your Home

Cherry flooring can meet the demands of almost any modern environment. We don’t recommend hardwood for any humid environments such as bathrooms or utility rooms, but otherwise cherry is a great option for your home in the greater Franklin, Oak Creek, New Berlin, Hales Corners, Greendale, Greenfield, and St. Francis area. Lastly, cherry has some installation quirks that we recommend discussing with us to ensure you are protecting your valuable investment. Contact Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South today to schedule a free, in-home consultation with one of our design associates. We will make sure you get the perfect cherry flooring for your space!


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