People have relied upon the wood from maple trees for flooring, furniture, and cabinets for centuries. You might spot generations-old maple wood floors and other items in historic homes, museums, or antique shops. Since this material holds up so well, you can’t always tell if the maple wood was cut last year or in the last century just by examining it.

Maple Hardwood Floors FranklinThese are some of the most common reasons that the team here at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South suggests maple flooring:

  • Appearance: Of course, the first reason that most people consider maple is because they like the way it looks. Maple has a fine grain and also sands smoothly and takes to staining well, so it looks dignified and seamless in almost any hue. This is a great wood to choose if you’re not planning on changing the other features of your room and need your wood to complement the existing décor.
  • Durability: Perhaps more importantly, maple is one of the hardest domestic hardwoods with a Janka score up to 1450, so it tends to resist damage better and need less refinishing than some other kinds of hardwood flooring. You will often find hard maple floors on basketball courts, so you know it will stand up well to household pressures like roughhousing kids or energetic pets. All maple is not the same, and we suggest the more durable sugar or hard maple
  • Value and comfort: Naturally, maple wood flooring also offer the benefits of other kinds of hardwood. This type of flooring helps insulate a room both for temperature and sound. It’s a comfortable type of flooring that is easy to walk across or stand upon. Like other hardwoods, maple wood flooring will also tend to increase the market value of a home. That makes maple flooring a good investment because of its comfort, durability, and value.

Why Maple Hardwood?

If you want a more eco-friendly alternative to solid hardwood, you can also find engineered or laminate planks with a maple wood finish. These styles only use a thin layer of maple wood and other layers of synthetic materials. These maple wood alternatives may also be easier to install and more suitable for certain conditions like humid spaces in your home such as bathrooms, below-grade rooms, and even kitchens.

You might also consider ceramic tiles that have been crafted to look just like maple planks. While these maple flooring alternatives don’t contain any wood at all, they may be better if there is a risk of excess moisture in the area.

If you want to invest in a classic, durable choice for your floors, maple is a great choice. Maple can also help improve the comfort and value of your home. Talk to the flooring experts here at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South to learn more about your hardwood options. We’ll bring our mobile showroom with hundreds of wood, tile, laminate, and more for you to browse from the comfort of your own home. Click here to schedule your free in-home design consultation and estimate!

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Photo Credit: © Anne Kitzman