Parquet flooring is a great option for Franklin homeowners looking to add a twist on a classic hardwood style. With a fun, eye-catching design it’s easy to see why many Franklin, Oak Creek, New Berlinhomeowners want parquet flooring installed in their homes.

Origins of Parquetfranklin herringbone hardwood floor

Parquet originated in 16th century France as an alternative to grand marble floors, which were difficult to maintain and caused long-term damage to building structures. The intricate parquet designs were as beautiful as marble, but easier to maintain. During the reign of Louis XIV, parquet became popular across all of Europe. Parquet was widely used until the rise of carpets in the 1930s. However, Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South has witnessed parquet’s resurgence in recent years. The style is decidedly modern and brings a unique element to any home.

How Does Parquet Work?

To get a parquet floor, installers arrange small hardwood planks in structured patterns or intricate designs. The shape and size of each parquet plank is incredibly customizable, so you can tailor the design to your tastes. Want something even more dynamic than just parquet? Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South can install parquet floors with multiple hardwood shades, giving your flooring even more depth.

Hardwood With a Twist

Parquet flooring has the amazing benefits of hardwood floor, with an added bonus of a unique aesthetic. Let the experts at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South show you the incredible flooring designs you can have in your home with parquet floor. You can pick a modern herringbone pattern or go with an abstract geometric design – the choice is up to you! Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South will make parquet look absolutely stunning in your home.

Keeping Up The Look

Just like standard plank hardwood, parquet can be refinished. However, completely refinishing a parquet floor is a difficult task, as the pattern causes the wood grain to go in different directions. If you decide to install parquet floor, consider regular maintenance on any small scratches that occur. Attentive maintenance will allow you to go a long time before you need to refinish the floor. When it does come time to refinish, trust a team of professionals to get the job done and preserve the beauty and quality of your floors.

Parquet In Your Franklin Home

Do you think parquet might be the right option for your home? Schedule a free in-home design consultation with one of our expert design associates. We’ll talk you through the process of installing parquet in your home and make sure you pick the perfect style for your space. We are proud to serve Franklin, Oak Creek, New Berlin and surrounding areas.

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