Installing hardwood floors can be a great investment for your home whether you are looking to increase the resale value or need a floor to stand up to decades of wear and tear. Here at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South, we can help you find the perfect hardwood style that matches your lifestyle, aesthetic, and budget. One of our favorite hardwoods for homes right here in the greater South Side is walnut. Get started here by learning the basics of walnut hardwood flooring or call us to schedule your free in-home design consultation.


There are three types of walnut hardwood flooring commonly used for residential and commercial hardwood floors. American, Brazilian, and Asian walnut floors provide reliable durability and beauty for local homes. Let’s get to know each one.


Walnut Hardwood Franklin flooring

American Walnut

American walnut, also referred to as royal walnut, is the most readily available variety. Its color varies from light, pale brown to dark, chocolate brown. It is also notes to have beautiful gray undertones that give it an aged, mature look. American walnut has a straight, fine grain with minimal knots, which makes it a perfect choice for homes wanting a uniform look across the floor.

Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian walnut has a much darker and more exotic appearance. Be wary of how you use Brazilian walnut, as the dark hue can overpower both big and small spaces. It is best uses as an accent or border in bold parquet patterns.

Asian Walnut (Acacia)

Asian walnut, also known as acacia, is known for its distinctive grain pattern, which consists of large swirls and a loose grain structure. Acacia’s colors range from light blonde to dark brown. American, Brazilian, and Asian walnut hardwoods are available in strip, plank, and parquet styles.


Durability of Walnut

The Janka scale is a measurement utilized to classify the hardness of a hardwood species. The number given to each wood represents the amount of force in pounds it requires to embed a small steel ball into the wood, which helps homeowners gauge its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Brazilian walnut flooring has an exceptional score of 3680, making it one of the hardest flooring styles you could choose. Acacia hardwood has an impressive 2300 Janka score. American walnut has a softer rating of 1010, which means it should be regularly polished and sealed to protect against scratching and denting.


Are you ready to install walnut hardwood in your home? The team here at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South is ready to help you! Schedule your free in-home consultation and price estimate to sit down with a design associate. With our mobile showroom, we can provide a variety of styles and the insight you need to make the best choice for your home. Call us today!


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