Marble Flooring in FranklinMarble is a popular flooring choice, known for its beauty and elegance. It has been used for centuries in art and architecture from the Palace of Versailles in France to the statue of David in Italy. Today, the look of marble is even copied onto fabric and print forms for fashion and design. Its attractive appearance makes it a great choice for homeowners looking for a flooring project to add value to their home in the Greater South Side. If you’re interested in transforming your home, consider beautiful marble stone tile.

What is Marble?

Marble is classified as a metamorphic rock. This means it forms deep below the earth’s surface where the original rock is subject to intense heat and pressure altering its appearance and chemistry into marble. Two subtypes of metamorphic rocks exist: foliated and non-foliated. Foliated rocks possess texture or fault lines, which means they are easier to break. Non-foliated do not possess texture. Marble is a non-foliated rock, making it particularly useful for sculpture and architecture.

Marble is known for its creamy texture with veins of contrasting color running throughout. It is most commonly recognized in its off-white form, but also exists in other colors including dark brown, dark green, grey, and black. When used in tile, marble comes in a variety of shapes and sizes— from large, 12×24 inch, rectangular pieces to small, 1×1 inch, square mosaics.

marble tile shower in FranklinWhere to Use Marble

Choosing where to use marble tile in your home ultimately depends on personal preference. A few popular choices include shower walls and floors in formal rooms. However, when deciding on its location, keep in mind that marble is a softer stone and is susceptible to scratching. Because of this, we do not recommend using marble for countertops unless covered with a thick, durable protectant. Likewise, homeowners with pets may want to consider another flooring option. For other areas of the home, just make sure to use appropriate precautions to protect your tile. Place area rugs in high traffic areas and add pads to furniture legs to prevent scratching.


Marble tile can stain if not sealed properly during installation. At Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South, we’ll make sure to install your tile correctly. Once properly sealed, this is an easy flooring option to clean. Simply sweep or vacuum, and mop with a damp mop. Avoid using cleaners with harsh chemicals that can damage the finish on your natural stone tile.

Additional maintenance includes polishing and refinishing. We recommend polishing marble every 6-12 months with a store-bought, marble polish product. Refinishing can be done once your tile begins to look dull and scratched, which can occur after years of wear and tear.

Your Local Franklin Tile Experts

If you are planning your next tile project, call Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South. We offer free, in-home design consultations and bring all our samples straight to your door in our mobile flooring showroom. Our design associates will listen to your needs and help you select the perfect tile option for your home.

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