When you think of vinyl flooring, you likely have an outdated image that comes to mind. However, the world of printing technology has advanced tremendously in the last decade and the new generation of vinyl is a stylish and valuable option for many homeowners. If you are looking for an affordable yet durable floor, look no further than the new and improved vinyl: luxury vinyl. Let’s take a look at what makes luxury vinyl flooring so special and why the team here at Floor Coverings International Milwaukee South installs it so frequently.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring FranklinTypes of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Several types of vinyl flooring are available. Interlocking plank vinyl mimics hardwood and offers a much more durable finish. Vinyl tiles look like natural stone, but cost less and feel softer underfoot. Vinyl sheets come in long rolls, and the seams must be glued together. This type of vinyl is usually the most cost effective, but it offers fewer options in design, quality and overall value.

Moisture Resistant

Perhaps the biggest benefit of luxury vinyl flooring is its resistance to water and moisture. It can easily withstand water and humidity without being damaged. That makes it a good option for kitchens, baths and basements where a hardwood or laminate floor could be damaged from exposure to water. Spills are easy to clean up and most types of vinyl won’t stain.

Highly Durable

Luxury vinyl flooring, especially the plank and tile varieties, will last for years. Several layers of fiberglass reinforcement means the floor will withstand years of foot traffic without dulling or looking worn. However, even though it will retain a like-new appearance, luxury vinyl can be punctured with sharp objects like kitchen knives. The resulting scars cannot be easily fixed.

Feel of Vinyl

While vinyl certainly has its advantages, it doesn’t feel like hardwood or even laminate underfoot. When you walk across it wearing shoes, it doesn’t make the  reverberating sound of a hardwood floor.

Ease of Installation

It’s easy to install a vinyl floor over virtually any time of subfloor. Even unleveled subfloors can be addressed by using a thicker grade of luxury vinyl. Easy installation means a lower labor cost, reducing the overall cost of getting brand new floors that look stylish!

Custom Designs

It’s not one size fits all with vinyl. You can create intricate patterns using vinyl tiles that look as detailed as tile mosaic. Or lay vinyl planks on a diagonal pattern for a truly unique design in your kitchen or bath. Luxury vinyl offers many stylish options for the most discerning homeowner!

Get Started Today

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